Bailey’s and Coffee Ice Cubes

Yes, I made my first Pinterest recipe. It wasn’t too difficult either. I whipped up some coffee ice cubes using some coffee I had left over from my last hotel visit, and a coffee press.

Coffee Ice Cubes Tray

I got these neat silicon ice cube trays for the project. I think they helped me get that picture perfect square ice cube shape, without trying to break them out of regular plastic ice cube trays… It definitely helped with presentation.

I have linked to the same trays on the right side of this page.

Once the cubes were frozen, I drizzled a martini glass with some Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate and plopped them inside. The coffee ice cubes are very fragrant and smell amazing. I think they would pair very well with a variety of beverages.

Coffee ice cubes in a martini glass

From there you can add your baileys. I added some cheaper stuff called Carolans. It doesn’t contain whiskey and has flavors of honey; I think it taste’s better. I also added a little milk. As the ice melts, the coffee colors bleed into the rest of the beverage.

The Hershey’s special dark chocolate drizzled on the glass adds just enough chocolate flavor, but it would be nice to garnish the drink with some chocolate shavings.

Baileys And Coffee Ice Cubes In A Martini Glass

Is It Worth Being Compatible With Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)?

Internet Explorer 6 Compatibility Worth it?Internet explorer 6 always can cause a lot of problems in this modern day of javascript and CSS styling. You may be wondering, is it even worth trying to keep your code compatible with internet explorer 6?

There are certain conditions in which the answer is yes, but usually (and only recently usually), the answer is no.

The latest statistics for internet explorer 6 (IE6) browser usage is less than 5% (w3schools figure). How true is this figure? Well across my three main blogs which average 12,000 view per month, my statistics, according to google analytics, reveals than only 4.5% of my visitors use internet explorer 6 while the rest use newer, more modern browsers.

Why should I care about these Internet Explorer 6 Users? Well in my case, i dont care. If my website looks good to 95% of browsers, that’s fine with me… But I just run a few personal blogs. What if you are designing a professional website from the ground up?

It really depends on your employer / whoever is paying you. If they happen to see the way one of their websites look in internet explorer 6, and it looks terrible, are they going to buy the 5% argument? Maybe, maybe not, it really depends on who you are building the website for. If you have to heavily sacrifice design technique to appeal to this extra 5% of people, it may not be worth it.

It would also be interesting to research the demographics of internet explorer 6 users. It is possible that the internet explorer 6 demographic is a huge chunk of the niche population you may be trying to target with your website (probably either poor or older folk / computer illiterate incapable of upgrading, etc…).

Personally, my old boss avoided installing windows updates at all costs, for some reason (Who knows why)… He was still using internet explorer 6 as of 3 months ago until I finally forced him to upgrade. Internet explorer 6 does not support transparent .png files, it does not support many CSS techniques, and it can cause page layouts to look extremely weird.

Just 1 years ago the internet explorer 6 user base was as high as 10%, and at that point in time, it certainly did make sense for people to program IE6 compatibility into their websites, however, now that the number of IE6 users has dwindled down to less than 5%, reconsideration needs to be taken.

WWGD? (What Would Google Do)… Interestingly enough, Google began to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6 almost a year ago. (read more)


You wont believe the stuff people are writing for reviews on… Truly a form of art.

He always brought home milk on Friday….

Also, i am now dating a midget and she fits nicely on the steering wheel desk which allows us to experiment sexually while driving.

Welcome to the tool that women were not prepared for, the JL421 Badonkadonk land cruiser/tank.

After checking to ensure that the shirt would properly cover my girth, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the shirt on and was immediately approached by women.

It gave me a weird tingling sensation in my visual cortex when I stared at its gooey glowing core

BK Breakfast Bowl: Real VS Picture (Review)

Ok So I was thinking that picture of the BK breakfast bowl was looking pretty damn fine this morning at the Burger King Drive through… And yes, I was prepared to receive something that appeared slightly different to the touched up magic photo on the menu board… however what I really received was a complete mess. It looked like the guy who gave it to me just ate what was in the picture and then threw it up and gave it to me.

Anyways, here is a comparison picture (below). On the bright side, if you are trying to get fat, this is 540 calories you will have completely forgotten you have eaten. While the BK Ultimate Breakfast platter sits in your stomach for 1/2 the day like a lead brick, this BK Breakfast Bowl shoots straight through to your intestines where your body quickly soaks up the 55.5 grams of fat and then shits out the rest in about 10 minutes.

BK Breakfast Bowl Picture VS Real Thing Review

BK Breakfast Bowl Picture VS Real Thing

Now in terms of taste, the BK Breakfast Bowl isn’t all too shabby. But beware, that fancy shredded cheese on top is really just there to hide the fact that the potatoes, green peppers (where the hell are my red peppers?), sausage and egg are all soaking in a puddle of nacho cheese mixed with taco seasoning.

I recommend that you go to Burger King and buy one of these BK Breakfast bowls immediately.


Update: Added Trailer for NTSF:SD:SUV (below)



Long hilarious name, National Terrorism Strike Force : San Diego : Sport Utility Vehicle (or better known as NTSF:SD:SUV) is the newest action show coming to cartoon network’s adult swim. They just premiered their first preview for the show on July 11th at 10:30pm during “Children’s Hospital” (which had an underwhelming first episode). Needless to say, NTSF:SD:SUV it looks amazing, the name alone left me laughing my ass off. Although I dont think they mentioned when the show starts on adult swim, and they dont have the preview or trailer online yet, but im definitely excited and keeping my eyes peeled!

PS: I am super duper stoked about that robot.

Here’s the show’s trailer that I mentioned I would be looking for. Unfortunately I didn’t have a DVR to record it myself, but it looks like a at least one other person was bent on getting the show’s trailer preview online. It makes me happy :-D

Sport Utility Vehicle :-D

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