Where do Marshmallow’s come from Wikipedia?

Who invented Marshmallows and what are they made of? Why don’t we turn to trusty Wikipedia and ask them?

Wikipedia Marshmallow History

Wikipedia Marshmallow History

Well first thing’s first. Wikipedia, who invented Marshmallows?

Invented in the year 1955 by scientist Alfred A. Nobel, these food items are light and fluffy, and vary in size. Nobel invented these strange and wonderful food sources while trying to make a sugar square. The only difference is the shape, and the one main ingredient- cat. Marshmallows are actually made from a mixture of sugar, and ground up cat. Many people do not know this, but the Noble Society is a group of people that do. Also unknown to most people is that Alfred Nobel s children are all named after marshmallows. In the popular movie ghostbusters, also, one of his oldest children starred as the Marshmallow Monster. Alfred Nobel did invent the Nobel Prize, but most people know him for his creation of the marshmallow.

Well that’s very interesting I had no idea.

Wikipedia Marshmallow Flavors

I wonder what are typical flavors and ingredients of Marshmallows?

Some of the new popular flavors of marshmallow that are currently on the market include: Sugar. Extra Sugar. Super Sugar. Frog. Glass. (For goths, there is also blood flavored marshmallows. One of the more popular flavors is toasted coconut. This features marshmallows with an outer layer of lightly toasted coconut.

One of my favorite flavors of marshmallow is glass.

Wikipedia Marshmallow Ingredients List

Wikipedia Marshmallow Ingredients List

And what, Wikipedia, are the ingredients used to make Marshmallows?

The traditional marshmallow recipe uses cats.

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about marshmallows. Thanks Wikipedia.

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