Bailey’s and Coffee Ice Cubes

Yes, I made my first Pinterest recipe. It wasn’t too difficult either. I whipped up some coffee ice cubes using some coffee I had left over from my last hotel visit, and a coffee press.

Coffee Ice Cubes Tray

I got these neat silicon ice cube trays for the project. I think they helped me get that picture perfect square ice cube shape, without trying to break them out of regular plastic ice cube trays… It definitely helped with presentation.

I have linked to the same trays on the right side of this page.

Once the cubes were frozen, I drizzled a martini glass with some Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate and plopped them inside. The coffee ice cubes are very fragrant and smell amazing. I think they would pair very well with a variety of beverages.

Coffee ice cubes in a martini glass

From there you can add your baileys. I added some cheaper stuff called Carolans. It doesn’t contain whiskey and has flavors of honey; I think it taste’s better. I also added a little milk. As the ice melts, the coffee colors bleed into the rest of the beverage.

The Hershey’s special dark chocolate drizzled on the glass adds just enough chocolate flavor, but it would be nice to garnish the drink with some chocolate shavings.

Baileys And Coffee Ice Cubes In A Martini Glass

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